The Mint: Diabetes Rattled My Faith

I asked yesterday in my diabetes support group on Facebook whether or not anyone’s faith has been “challenged” during their diagnosis. One woman was proud to say that her diagnosis had no impact on her relationship with God. Another person said he was atheist, so no. Then another person said, in the end, all you have is your faith.

I used to practice Catholicism, until I found that spirituality was more “for me.” I’m by no means condemning any religion, but this is what worked in my case. We’re all on our own different, religious/spiritual journeys.

When my diagnosis came to be, and I came home from the hospital, I didn’t know what to do with myself except spread the word about diabetes awareness. Diabetes eventually became what is called the “800-pound Gorilla in the room” — you can’t help but talk about it! But then I realized it can’t run my life. It was like a new relationship or a breakup, you can’t stop talking about either or, especially when it’s fresh.

I’ve used my platform on both my Instagram accounts to talk about the awareness of the chronic illness and to spread hope. However, where was the hope in myself?

I sat my butt down on my bed next to my cat and I jotted down everything I was grateful for. It’s true: I do have a lot to be grateful for. Then, I began to pray. Three-quarters into my prayer, I began to cry. Something divine was either in me or with me. That’s when I realized, God is in everyone. God created heaven and earth in six days. Who’s to say that He can’t change your life in one day? But in actuality, it’s up to you to change your life. It’s okay to have a faith. We all believe in something. But as the proverb says, The LORD only helps those who help themselves. It’s the same thing with manifestation. Manifestations don’t work unless YOU do.

In short, diabetes is no picnic, but I’m grateful that life chose me and that faith has been restored within my soul.

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