A Pizza Topping Revolution: Kale

My mom and I coined a new tradition for every Friday night. As opposed to eating from Uber Eats, we decided that buying frozen pizzas from Shaw’s Supermarket is cheaper. You needn’t pay for extra toppings! You can use whatever you have at home!

Better yet, do what I did last night, replace the generic spinach topping with KALE! Don’t get me wrong, spinach is good and good for you, but kale is what I like to call revolutionary on pizza. The “crunch” you hear when you take a bite is amazing and almost like eating ASMR.

Did I mention that buying organic produce from the supermarket is better for the economy? Especially if you’re living in the U.S.?

What are some other amazing and healthy pizza toppings?

Well, I chose to also top my pizza with minced garlic and black olives. Garlic is heart-healthy and black olives are a staple for clean eating.

What’re your favorite healthy pizza toppings? Let me know in the comments!

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