Reassurance: You’re Only Building A Better Relationship With Food

I remember when I was still in the ICU, and my mom and I were watching CNN together to get our daily dose of news and politics. A woman had a big cupcake on her kitchen island (most likely fake, but you never know) and I said, “if only I could eat that cupcake!” Just last night when my mom and I were ordering fro Applebee’s on Uber Eats, I encouraged her to get the crispy oriental chicken salad with the snide comment, “get it because you can eat crispy chicken.”

I’ve come to terms this morning that just by saying “if I could only eat [insert food here],” it’s not going to make a difference in a new attitude. I know, it’s hard, I can’t even eat French Fries anymore. And just the other day my Girl Scout Cookies (that I ordered prior to my hospitalization) came in the mail just to slap me in the face and mock me.

There I go again. I can’t let certain foods “mock” me anymore. The truth is, they’re not even mocking you. They’re not even animate! This isn’t the movie, Sausage Party. Adapting to a new lifestyle is difficult AF, but you have to remember that you’re only building a healthier relationship with food from here, especially if you’re newly diagnosed. It’s a process to find out what foods your body reacts to. You have to remember that everybody is different. So, needless to say, don’t compare yourself, either.

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