What Intermittent Fasting Has Kept Me Accountable For (Other Than Fasting)

Before I coined “Gals Gotta Eat,” people wanted to know one other thing I knew about, and that was my success with intermittent fasting. So, let me tell you a story.

It was during my gynecologist (gyno) appointment. The young woman weighed me and I automatically felt like a tub of fat. I was officially at my heaviest weight: 209 lbs.

Before I get judged, I am on several medications due to a PTSD diagnosis in 2017. One of the medications I was on was Risperidone, a mood stabilizer that is actually proven for men to grow breasts — yikes! I got off this medication in Spring/Summer 2021, which was very easy for me. However, I was also a heavy drinker. Alcoholic drinks, as many people know, are filled with empty calories. It wasn’t until this New Year that I decided to cut out alcohol from my diet. This was one thing that intermittent fasting kept me accountable for.

I was introduced to the concept of intermittent fasting in college, but had little to no knowledge of it. I then asked my boyfriend for some support in my newly-minted weight loss journey, and then he told me about intermittent fasting. I still didn’t quite understand it entirely, but I downloaded an app called Fastic to keep track of the hours I was fasting for. [Also, make sure you have a support system — mine is my boyfriend, my mom, and my best friend!] Before I knew it, I was fasting for 12-13 hours every day. As a result, I lost 19 pounds. I focused on eating fruits and veggies, drinking only water, orange juice, and coffee with creamer. I’m losing more weight every day, while keeping my weight under 190!

**Disclaimer: I have no medical degree whatsoever, so I am not offering medical advice.

***Another disclaimer: “being skinny” is not the goal here. It’s being healthy.

However, keeping this routine of fasting and drinking 9+ cups of water a day, is not the only thing that intermittent fasting has kept me accountable for.

It’s kept me accountable for:

1.) School work

2.) Reading

3.) Journaling

4.) Meditating

5.) Skincare

6.) My overall mindset

This is only part of my story. I went to a dietician the other day, and was introduced to recipes that I would love to have during my eating period. Stay tuned in another blog post for those!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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